Friday, October 25, 2013

Wow, it's 2013!

No photos available at this time, but we have moved from Delaware back to Virginia.  This time we are near Fredericksburg and really loving it.  We have a new home, new friends, new neighborhood, live near our grands again, live near major airports, live near real shopping centers and are in a "one" story house (with a full finished basement) that we can stay in for many older years.

My knitting has grown exponentially over the past few years, thanks to several really encouraging friends in Delaware.  KCKC knittin group in Dover, DE was the most wonderful group of knitters.  I went to Atlanta with a couple of them to Stitches South and I've attended Maryland Sheep and Wool with another one of my Delaware knitters.  They really expanded my horizons with my knitting.  I've joined a local group at the local wonderful knit shop and hope to continue my knitting adventures.

We now have 3 grandchildren.  The oldest of them is 6 and the other two are twin boy and girl who are almost 2 yrs old.  They are all so wonderful.  Being a grandparent is one of the best things in life, for sure!

I'll try to post more often here and post pictures, too!  Don't know if anyone really follows this blog, but I enjoy it when I maintain it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once again, it's about time for me to post!

I cannot believe this is my first post since New Year's day of 2010. I really do follow other blogs and had high hopes of continuing my own. Maybe?

Life as a retired librarian/grandmother is much busier than I had ever imagined. Not only is my one and only granddaughter now 4 years old and still the love of my life, but her mom is now expecting twins!! A boy and a girl! I've been knitting and sewing busily and should have lots to show for my work, soon. I'm also making curtains for their bedroom at my daughter's request. I'll try to get some pics to post soon.

I've been knitting and smocking quite a bit and now have my own Ladybug spinning wheel. I am still new, but really enjoy it.

Travel has been a big part of my life. My husband and I have cruised to the Caribbean twice, to New England and Canada, to Mexican Riviera (just before most cruise ships pulled out of that area), and to the Bahamas. After our first cruise to Alaska several years ago. We fly to San Francisco as often as we can to visit our son and to Las Vegas to visit two brothers of ours. We took a road trip to Montreal and Niagara Falls last fall and had a wonderful time.

I've been volunteering at the local intermediate school library and also helping with their bookfairs. It's tons of fun!

I've acquired a new Kindle for reading, especially when we are traveling and I love it! I now work out at a gym regularly and we are eating much, much better. We've gone 'brown' and really are enjoying good fresh food. We shared a weekly share with a local CSA this summer and had fresh vegs and fruit each week. It was wonderful. We froze quite a bit toward winter, too. We've shared a side of beef, too, with our daughter and it's tasty, to say the least.

Life is busy and good!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year, 2010!

Let's hope I can keep this up! I really do want to post here, so this is my resolve. I will try to post here at least once a week for the entire year. Now, keep your fingers crossed. ;-)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know it's been "forever" since I posted last, but I've been busy and enjoying retirement. The pic here is of our new house. We go to closing on 3 April 09. Don't know when we'll actually move in, but hopefully in about a month. We have tons of work to do on the house we're in to get it ready to sell, but feel we need to move out, first, in order to fix things.

I have been knitting and sewing, but think those things will become less for a while. I have several sock yarns ready for portability, so I won't be without knitting.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well...............................Happy New Year! It is my intention to post here on a regular basis, but I cannot promise anything. I just hope this resolution is something I can keep, because it has been 3 months since my last post.

I have been knitting, smocking and jewelry making, but life seems to have gotten in the way of posting here. I hope to post some of the things I have done and tell some tales, happy and sad, about life for us.

In the mean time, here is my first post of the New Year. I toast anyone who reads this and wish all well!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

D Day in our house

This is the "Hey, Teach" that I made for Helen and it looks really good after washing. I've given it to her and hope it will fit, but she didn't try it on before we left. It's a gorgeous color for her, so I'm really hopeful.

Today is "D" day. Departure for Tom and David to drive to the West Coast. I had a little weepiness, but didn't actually cry, so I'm proud of myself. I'm so proud of Tom and excited for him. I actually told him I'm a little envious, too. I loved my 5 1/2 years on San Francisco. I just wish I could go back. Visiting him will be fun, needless to say!

The other picture here is the "Helena" sweater I knit for Chrissy. I didn't get a picture of the hat I knit to match it, but it is a rolled edge, plain hat and I put a little flower on the top. Just loose petals to make it a little more girly. I've posted both of these sweaters on Ravelry, too, with all the details. I'm Susie. Just plain and simple, Susie. I guess I was early enough in joining Ravelry to get a simple name like that.

I really have my work cut out for myself here at home for the next week. Wish me luck getting all of Tom's stuff picked up and out of our living space. He really did make a mess. In spite of it all we love him tremendously!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Some work completed, no pics, yet

I finished Helen's sweater in a pretty lilac color and also Chrissy's fall sweater in a burnt orange called terra cotta. They both came out well, but I'm not happy with my binding off. One was too tight and as a result the other was too loose. Oh, well, they're wearable. I hope they fit.

I'll be seeing them this weekend, so we'll find out if they fit!!!

I hope to get pics taken tonight or tomorrow morning so I can post here soon. Maybe next week?

I'm going to try to start posting on my other blog, too. We'll see!!

I've been retired one week and have accomplished a lot. I've worked out 4 days this week. I've finished both sweaters. I've been to see Helen and Chrissy for 3 days. I've had a computer crash and bought a new one. I love this Toshiba laptop!!! My old harddrive is being checked for data retrieval, so cross your fingers for me. I've bought a GPS, as has my husband. We're liking them!! I've received a new knitting book from Amazon to read, but haven't, yet gotten to it. I've loaded many more titles I'd like to read in my Library Thing library. I've done tons of laundry, cooked more, ironed, watched lots of t.v., been out to eat with our son, played with my kitties, and tried to sleep in, but was unsuccessful. Still get up between 630 and 7am. I just wake up then!! Haven't been to the library, yet, but hope to soon. After all, there's a book on hold for me.